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[singlepic id=55 w=250 h=187 mode=web20 float=right]The picnic area is the best choice for those of you who love to be in contact with nature and desire to spend a whole day to enjoy it, fully relaxing though highly respecting it, while delighting yourself with our delicacies. A widespread, forested area is equipped with a hundreds of benches, barbecue, fountains and facilities right in front of the reception of the company. You will find everything you need for a perfect picnic at our Store not far from the entrance to the company.

Pricelist Picnic Area
Car € 5,00
Table € 8,00
Charcoal € 4,00
Faggot of wood € 3,00

The picnic area has a limited space of user, which affects the possibility to reserve tables inside. The opening hours of the picnic area to the public are from 8:00 am until 7:30 pm.



Exclusively for approved associations, moreover, we offer the following fares:

Entrance picnic area € 3,00/person
Entrance picnic area + farm tour € 5,00/person
Tables included 1 every 8 members
Extra tables € 8,00/tavolo

The following set of rules regulate the activities in the area and help to preserve safety and enjoyment.

Regulation PicNic Area
  • it is stronlgy forbidden to park your car along the street;

  • drive to a crawl;

  • the barbecue is of common use and therefore should be made available to other guests who might want to use it;

  • it is obligatory to collect ALL waste, to throw it into the available thrashbags and to deposit those into the special bins to be found on the area.

  • it is forbidden to light fire outside the barbecue;

  • please respect the quiet and avoid to make bothersome noise and loud music;

  • those who violate this rules will be readily removed;

  • there cannot be given refunds of any kind;

  • every misuse will be punished according to law.